Despite Me.

Despite Me. Look at me. Look at where I sit now. Looking at me like nothing happened. But something did happen. I doubted my ability to be in this exact room, this exact seat. The seat housed in an institution that looked too prestigious, too intelligent for a girl like myself. Too expensive for a … More Despite Me.

Biffster Love

Biffster Love. You may ask… “What’s a biffster?” Honestly I wasn’t quite sure what it was myself until I met Inga. She is the perfect embodiment of a best friend and a sister. Thus a biffster. And she demonstrated the validity of this title this summer when she took a little flight from Yonkers, New … More Biffster Love

Trophy-less Love

  Trophy-less Love. Five years old and there was a ball at my feet. My mind was shaped around sport. How to keep the ball, how to steal the ball, how to attack, how to defend, ingrained before the age of six. Only the blood on your feet, the sweat on your brow, and tears … More Trophy-less Love

L.A. Fashiona

L.A. Fashiona. When I was growing up our parents heard no louder screams of disappointment than when they announced we would be traveling to see our family. Because in my big family, trips to grandmas didn’t mean a 15 min drive down the road it meant a two and a half hour flight to California … More L.A. Fashiona

Your Style Resume

Your Style Resume. Summer time. AKA job hunting time. Well if you are looking for the secret to nailing those job interviews pause from looking in your resume folder and take a look in your closet. 


Activista. I’m not going to lie, being an activist has never really been my thing. To be honest the word describes pretty much everyone in my family except me. But times of changed. Or have they?

New Year Eats

  New Year. New Eats. Celebrating the new year in my household means three things. Black-eyed peas, collard greens and ham. But this dish isn’t just a Cumberbatch thing, it’s a southern tradition. For southerners this delicious trio signifies a year full of good wealth and health.

Spice Up Your Semester

Spice Up Your Semester. Every study break needs a treat. So why not give yourself a treat fit for the season? Reward your taste buds with these quick and easy pumpkin muffins. With the extra heartiness of oats and the gooey sweetness of pumpkin spice chips this treat is perfect for any fall midterm break.

School ‘N Skirts

School ‘N Skirts. No more laying in the sun and sipping ice tea pool side. It’s back to slouching in florescence lighting and chugging liquid caffeine desk side. It’s back to college. But don’t let the daunting early wake up calls, long lectures, or the late night library sessions kill your fashion. Start the school year … More School ‘N Skirts

Back on the School Yard

My family always wonders why the remote seems to solely navigate to Disney channel and “elementary” movies when it’s in my hand. As an aspiring pediatrician, I think it’s simply because I gain so much from children. They have this unrefined heart and mind that people my age have learn to rid themselves of.

A Mobile Accessory

A Mobile Accessory. Bikes are no longer left for the training-wheeled toddlers or the Tour de France trainees. It’s time to introduce a new piece of metal into your wardrobe and get your fashion rolling. Put a whole new meaning to street wear and explore bike fashion.

For Brighter Whites

For Brighter Brights. Accessories. Accessories. Accessories. One of my favorite aspects of fashion is the little pieces you can add to an outfit. I love watching an outfit come alive with a simple addition of a bracelet or a bag. With a few recent additions to my accessory collection, I decided to give myself a blank … More For Brighter Whites

Ode to the 90’s

Ode to the 90’s. My parents’ closet has always been one of my favorite places to shop. So naturally I adopted a love for “vintage” style. I find it fun to pick a decade and play around with the trends of that time. For this look, I hit the decade of tight tops, loose bottoms, … More Ode to the 90’s

Flawed Perfection

Perfection. I think it was a clear sign that I was a little dedicated to this perfection thing when I was prescribed “more sleep” at only age twelve by my physician. I thought that being a perfectionist was fitting in this kind of world, where being the best is encouraged and borderline required. I didn’t quite … More Flawed Perfection

Independence Cream

Independence Cream. Nothing pairs better with the American staples of burgers and hot dogs than good ‘ole ice cream. So celebrate our independence this fourth of July with some homemade vanilla ice cream. This easy recipe creates an incredibly rich and creamy ice cream that will have all your guest seeing stars.

FIFAshion ’15

FIFAshion ’15. What happens when you’re American, born and raised, but you fall in love with Brazil?… You get a girl who has a really awkward situation when the World Cup comes around.


Athletchic. As a soccer player summer means work outs, lots of work outs. With the gym, the track, and the field becoming frequent stages for my wardrobe, I decided it was time to add some fashion to my training gear. Gone are the days when any old t-shirt and shorts will do.

Crunchy Munchies

8 am. Looking for something good to break your fast. 8 pm. Looking for something healthy to fix your sweet tooth. With this easy and delicious granola recipe, you can have a sweet treat to suit your breakfast meals and late night cravings.

“Sometimes These Cuts Are So Much Deeper Than They Seem”

Not that I didn’t care It’s that I didn’t know It’s not what I didn’t feel, It’s what I didn’t show. -Misery, Maroon 5 There’s a difference between not caring and not letting it negatively affect you. For so long I have told myself and the ones around me. “I don’t care.” When I didn’t … More “Sometimes These Cuts Are So Much Deeper Than They Seem”

Full Court Dress

Full Court Dress As an athlete, I am all about sporting events. But, I really enjoy jazzing up my sports apparel. Reppin the Golden State Warriors the other night for game three against the Houston Rockets, I decided to incorporate their colors with a little feminine touch. I started with a nice angled dress to … More Full Court Dress

Denim ‘N Denim

Denim ‘N Denim. Jazz up a plain white v-neck with a little extra denim. Add a pair of your favorite wash of overalls, plus an extra piece of denim around the waist. Keep the southern feel going with a pair of short cut boots. And finish the look with a simple necklace as your touch … More Denim ‘N Denim

Days Across Pages

Faith. A word that alludes to my most valuable relationship. My walk with God. I stand in awe at the uniqueness of my and other individuals’ steps, as we read the same pages, yet experience different walks. Our footprints are unique, unlike anyone else’s. The way He speaks to us, the things He asks of … More Days Across Pages