Despite Me.

Despite Me. Look at me. Look at where I sit now. Looking at me like nothing happened. But something did happen. I doubted my ability to be in this exact room, this exact seat. The seat housed in an institution that looked too prestigious, too intelligent for a girl like myself. Too expensive for a … More Despite Me.

Biffster Love

Biffster Love. You may ask… “What’s a biffster?” Honestly I wasn’t quite sure what it was myself until I met Inga. She is the perfect embodiment of a best friend and a sister. Thus a biffster. And she demonstrated the validity of this title this summer when she took a little flight from Yonkers, New … More Biffster Love

Trophy-less Love

  Trophy-less Love. Five years old and there was a ball at my feet. My mind was shaped around sport. How to keep the ball, how to steal the ball, how to attack, how to defend, ingrained before the age of six. Only the blood on your feet, the sweat on your brow, and tears … More Trophy-less Love

Back on the School Yard

My family always wonders why the remote seems to solely navigate to Disney channel and “elementary” movies when it’s in my hand. As an aspiring pediatrician, I think it’s simply because I gain so much from children. They have this unrefined heart and mind that people my age have learn to rid themselves of.

Flawed Perfection

Perfection. I think it was a clear sign that I was a little dedicated to this perfection thing when I was prescribed “more sleep” at only age twelve by my physician. I thought that being a perfectionist was fitting in this kind of world, where being the best is encouraged and borderline required. I didn’t quite … More Flawed Perfection

“Sometimes These Cuts Are So Much Deeper Than They Seem”

Not that I didn’t care It’s that I didn’t know It’s not what I didn’t feel, It’s what I didn’t show. -Misery, Maroon 5 There’s a difference between not caring and not letting it negatively affect you. For so long I have told myself and the ones around me. “I don’t care.” When I didn’t … More “Sometimes These Cuts Are So Much Deeper Than They Seem”