Biffster Love

Biffster Love. You may ask… “What’s a biffster?” Honestly I wasn’t quite sure what it was myself until I met Inga. She is the perfect embodiment of a best friend and a sister. Thus a biffster. And she demonstrated the validity of this title this summer when she took a little flight from Yonkers, New … More Biffster Love

L.A. Fashiona

L.A. Fashiona. When I was growing up our parents heard no louder screams of disappointment than when they announced we would be traveling to see our family. Because in my big family, trips to grandmas didn’t mean a 15 min drive down the road it meant a two and a half hour flight to California … More L.A. Fashiona

Your Style Resume

Your Style Resume. Summer time. AKA job hunting time. Well if you are looking for the secret to nailing those job interviews pause from looking in your resume folder and take a look in your closet. 


Activista. I’m not going to lie, being an activist has never really been my thing. To be honest the word describes pretty much everyone in my family except me. But times of changed. Or have they?

School ‘N Skirts

School ‘N Skirts. No more laying in the sun and sipping ice tea pool side. It’s back to slouching in florescence lighting and chugging liquid caffeine desk side. It’s back to college. But don’t let the daunting early wake up calls, long lectures, or the late night library sessions kill your fashion. Start the school year … More School ‘N Skirts