Biffster Love

Biffster Love. You may ask… “What’s a biffster?” Honestly I wasn’t quite sure what it was myself until I met Inga. She is the perfect embodiment of a best friend and a sister. Thus a biffster. And she demonstrated the validity of this title this summer when she took a little flight from Yonkers, New … More Biffster Love

Summer Crumble

Summer Crumble. Nothing says summer to a Southerner more than fresh apple pie and a heaping scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. So here’s my little twist on a Southern classic. An apple crumble made with an oat flour crust, deliciously tart Granny Smith apples and a sweet maple oat topping.

New Year Eats

  New Year. New Eats. Celebrating the new year in my household means three things. Black-eyed peas, collard greens and ham. But this dish isn’t just a Cumberbatch thing, it’s a southern tradition. For southerners this delicious trio signifies a year full of good wealth and health.

Spice Up Your Semester

Spice Up Your Semester. Every study break needs a treat. So why not give yourself a treat fit for the season? Reward your taste buds with these quick and easy pumpkin muffins. With the extra heartiness of oats and the gooey sweetness of pumpkin spice chips this treat is perfect for any fall midterm break.

Suite Lo Mein

Suite Lo Mein. If you have been in college for more than a weekend, then you already know the inevitable and unexplainable craving for Chinese take out. You know that late night Friday post-Netflix-binge feeling in your stomach. But if you have been in college for more than a weekend then you also know the … More Suite Lo Mein