Trophy-less Love

  Trophy-less Love. Five years old and there was a ball at my feet. My mind was shaped around sport. How to keep the ball, how to steal the ball, how to attack, how to defend, ingrained before the age of six. Only the blood on your feet, the sweat on your brow, and tears…

L.A. Fashiona

L.A. Fashiona. When I was growing up our parents heard no louder screams of disappointment than when they announced we would be traveling to see our family. Because in my big family, trips to grandmas didn’t mean a 15 min drive down the road it meant a two and a half hour flight to California…

Summer Crumble

Summer Crumble. Nothing says summer to a Southerner more than fresh apple pie and a heaping scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. So here’s my little twist on a Southern classic. An apple crumble made with an oat flour crust, deliciously tart Granny Smith apples and a sweet maple oat topping.

Your Style Resume

Your Style Resume. Summer time. AKA job hunting time. Well if you are looking for the secret to nailing those job interviews pause from looking in your resume folder and take a look in your closet. 


Activista. I’m not going to lie, being an activist has never really been my thing. To be honest the word describes pretty much everyone in my family except me. But times of changed. Or have they?

New Year Eats

  New Year. New Eats. Celebrating the new year in my household means three things. Black-eyed peas, collard greens and ham. But this dish isn’t just a Cumberbatch thing, it’s a southern tradition. For southerners this delicious trio signifies a year full of good wealth and health.

Slicing into Thanksgiving

Slicing into Thanksgiving. The plates have been licked one last time, the belts have been loosened, and the guests have settled comfortably into the couch. But don’t be fooled we all know this is just the halftime break, because the most important course is served after the leftovers have been put away. So give your…

Fallin’ Into Winter

Fallin’ Into Winter. Everyone knows that peculiar time of year, the time where we just seem to be waiting, for fall to leave and winter to come. That annoying time where the weather man just can’t seem to make up his mind. But do not worry my fellow fashionistas because with a little bit of…

Spice Up Your Semester

Spice Up Your Semester. Every study break needs a treat. So why not give yourself a treat fit for the season? Reward your taste buds with these quick and easy pumpkin muffins. With the extra heartiness of oats and the gooey sweetness of pumpkin spice chips this treat is perfect for any fall midterm break.

Suite Lo Mein

Suite Lo Mein. If you have been in college for more than a weekend, then you already know the inevitable and unexplainable craving for Chinese take out. You know that late night Friday post-Netflix-binge feeling in your stomach. But if you have been in college for more than a weekend then you also know the…

School ‘N Skirts

School ‘N Skirts. No more laying in the sun and sipping ice tea pool side. It’s back to slouching in florescence lighting and chugging liquid caffeine desk side. It’s back to college. But don’t let the daunting early wake up calls, long lectures, or the late night library sessions kill your fashion. Start the school year…

Back on the School Yard

My family always wonders why the remote seems to solely navigate to Disney channel and “elementary” movies when it’s in my hand. As an aspiring pediatrician, I think it’s simply because I gain so much from children. They have this unrefined heart and mind that people my age have learn to rid themselves of.